Wishmaster 4 – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 30

Wishmaster 4

Wishmaster 4 has an unfortunate air of softcore porn about it. Which is only partially a result of the gratuitous sex and nudity. Rather it has the flat, disengaged feeling of something produced only as a vehicle to deliver sex. Only in this case, there’s not enough sex to make it worth anyone’s time. Which is a shame because there are themes and ideas here which would have been worth exploring, such as sexual dysfunction, jealousy, and love. There’s also potential for an interesting story when the angelic adversary to the djinn turns out to be almost as bad as his foe. Alas, none of it leads anywhere interesting, and the journey there is mostly dull despite an occasional flash of the old maliciously entertaining djinn from the first two movies. The problem is that this movie is neither good enough nor bad enough to be interesting.

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I'm a stoic, a pessimist, a bookworm, a skeptic, and possibly other things which take more than one word to say.
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